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The Pharmacy Guild of Australia, representing almost 5,000 community pharmacies across Australia, is acutely aware of the need to ensure the professional practice of pharmacy is provided with the most up-to-date technology available. Not just technology for its own sake, but useful tools that help modern pharmacists perform to their full potential as frontline health professionals.

That’s why the Guild and entered an agreement to launch Mirixa Australia and adapt the MirixaPro™ clinical web-based platform for use across Australia.

Mirixa Corporation, a subsidiary of National Community Pharmacists’ Association (NCPA), is a leading provider of clinical health information technologies and consumer health services for pharmacy in the United States. They understand the complexities of modern pharmacy and develop the technological solutions needed to deliver medication-related patient care. Most importantly, they strive to enable pharmacists to improve safety and outcomes through total medication management.

Mirixa Australia™ programs address some of Australia’s major healthcare challenges, including lack of proper medicines adherence/compliance, poorly coordinated patient care, and unchecked adverse drug events. Mirixa Australia solutions improve the quality of care delivered, reduce total healthcare costs, and deliver a more personalised healthcare experience.

We believe that integrating the pharmacist more directly into the care delivery system ensures that the system works best. Doctors, pharmacists and patients working together deliver a positive impact on care and cost. It is the next step in achieving a system of accessible, responsive, truly personalised medicine for patients.


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